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Hospital Follow Up, Pre-OP and Post-OP

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Personalized Pre-Op, Post-Up, And Follow Up To Prepare You For The Surgery And Recovery Process.

Windermere Medical Group understand having a surgery can be daunting and stressful for anyone. Our team is ready to care for all your needs during pre-op, post-op, and follow ups. We provide complete information about before and after care for operations, while also answering any of your questions and concerns.

Pre-OP Care

Your pre-op appointment will be scheduled within 30 days before a major surgery. The medical team will review our medical history and take the necessary tests. We ensure you are prepped for your upcoming operation.

The doctors will explain the surgery process to you and other details you might need to know. You might be given medications to take before the surgery. The team will also answer any of your questions, including:

  • What is the process of the surgery? And how long would it take?
  • Would I need anesthesia? If yes, what kind?
  • Do I need to bring anything to the hospital?
  • Could there be any complications? Can I do anything to avoid them?
  • What do I eat or drink before the surgery?

You would have to arrive at the hospital at least two hours before the surgery time.

Our Specialists Guide, Assist, And Ensure You Are Fully Prepared Before And After An Operation

We have four convenient locations serving Cumming, Canton, Habersham, and Gainesville, GA!

Post-OP Care

Our medical team takes a thorough physical exam, blood tests, blood pressure, and other relevant tests based on your surgery. The physician would guide you any dietary restrictions or other changes you might need to do after the surgery.
This is also the time to ask any questions you might have related to the recovery process. It is best to prepare a list of questions for your post-op appointment to better prepare yourself for the recover process at home. Some questions can include:
  • How long would I have to stay in the hospital?
  • Do I need to follow a special diet?
  • Are there any activities I should refrain from doing?
  • Will I need medications or other supplies for the recovery?
  • Do I need a physical therapist or a caregiver?
  • Will there be any side effects? How do I deal with them?
  • What are the signs of complications, if any? What should I do to avoid them?

Follow Up

After the discharge, proper follow up care is integral to enhance the patient outcome. Our physicians guide patients throughout their recovery process and use the appropriate patient engagement strategies to provide optimal care.

Follow up care includes general medical checkups, including:

  • Imaging tests
  • Blood tests
  • Physical exam

Your physician will also ensure your stitches, if any, are healing properly and whether they require more care.

Windermere Medical Group Ensures All Patients Get Proper Pre-Op, Post-Op, and Follow Up Care To Enhance The Recovery Process.

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