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Preventive and Wellness Exams

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Preventive and Wellness Exams in Cumming, GA

Prevention can go a long way in protecting you from severe diseases and illnesses, making preventive and wellness exams crucial for all.

Comprehensive and Quality Chronic Care Management Services

Preventive health emphasizes health maintenance, wellness, and prevention of diseases. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier through preventive screenings and wellness exams with a qualified physician.

These exams allow you to avoid severe diseases and complications and keep you in good physical shape. Windermere Medical Group offers the preventative and wellness exams service to conduct a thorough physical assessment and create an appropriate plan if needed.

Our experts assess your unique health problems, lifestyle, medical history, family health risks, and more to form a tailored screening and testing plan to take appropriate precautions.

What To Expect

Our qualified physician will conduct an initial assessment by asking you questions related to your medical history and your family medical history. Your past diseases, chronic conditions, and other surgeries would also be considered to determine the health risks.

The physician will conduct a physical exam to check your vital signs. The screenings will be conducted based on your health history, gender, and age, which might include:

  • Children: Measurement of height/weight, developmental assessments and screenings, and immunizations
  • Adults: Colon cancer screening and cholesterol tests
  • Women: Pap test, pelvic screening, and breast exam 

Based on your tests and screening results, the physician might offer health recommendations and lifestyle changes to reduce potential risks and promote wellness.

Our Physician Conducts Initial Assessments And Screenings to Determine Potential Health Risks And Provide Recommendations.

How Often Do You Require a Wellness Exam?

You can prepare for the preventive and wellness exams by filling out all the required forms in advance, listing all prescription medications you are taking, and noting down any concerns or questions you might have.
If you are concerned about a particular issue or confused about a health issue, you can understand things better by asking your physician questions, like:

  • What could be causing this issue?
  • Are there any treatment plans or options?
  • Would there be any side effects of the medication?
  • Do I need a follow-up?
  • How would I know the medication is working?

The physicians at Windermere Medical Group are equipped with the right knowledge to assist and guide you. We also offer primary care, internal medicine and family medicine to improve your overall wellness and ensure you lead a healthy life.

Preventative Screens and Wellness Exams Can Ensure You Are On Top Of Your Health And Take Active Measures If Necessary for Optimal Health

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