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Geriatric care in Cumming, GA

Windermere Medical Group is a well-reputed medical service provider equipped with the latest state-of-the-art medical gear and trained medical professionals who can conduct your minor surgery.

If you or someone you know needs minor surgery, contact us, visit any of our locations, or schedule an appointment today!

What Counts As Minor Surgery?

In medical terminology, minor surgery can be referred to as any invasive operative procedure—however, one where only the skin, connective tissue, or mucus membranes are resected. For instance, making a vascular cut placed across the patient’s neck can easily be counted as a minor surgery even though technically it may not even suffice for surgery for a layman.

In addition, a biopsy, tooth extraction, grafts, implants, and catheter placements are all considered minor surgeries. They can range from being individual procedures to being a part of major surgery. Minor surgeries may be conducted in the form of emergencies as well without the patient or caregiver’s permission or consent unless the patient has a DNR.

Therefore, intubation and stitches are also a kind of minor surgery that may occur as an emergency requirement at any given time for a patient. At the same time, others can occur amidst a major surgery, during, before, or even after. Minor surgeries may need to be conducted in a sterile environment. Hence, the patient has to be admitted to the hospital.

Minor Surgical Procedures You Can Get At Windermere Medical

At Windermere Medical, our medical team considered minor surgical procedures that can safely be performed without the external input of general anesthesia, respiratory assistance, or even post-surgery intensive care. However, we still ensure optimum care and perform these procedures in a sterile environment using local anesthesia delivered via injection.

Minor surgeries may vary from specialty to specialty and location to location. However, the following are the most common type of minor technical surgeries that you can get at Windermere Medical.

  • Incision
  • Drainage
  • Stitches
  • Removal of stitches
  • Removal of plaster cast
  • Removal of an external object from wounds, vaginal, ears, nose, ears, etc.

Make Windermere Your Ultimate Choice for Minor Surgeries

We perform minor surgeries and procedures at all of our locations. Our qualified medically trained professionals are experts in their field.
Our board-certified members have the knowledge and physical skills to cater to your minor surgical requirements.

From prolonged hospitalizations, surgical treatments, and post-surgical care, our team at Windermere Medical are committed to providing each patient with an exceptional level of care and attention in a professional yet friendly environment.

We are affiliated with Northside Hospital, Inc. and equipped to accept new patients at all our locations. We offer same-day appointments and welcome walk-ins. You can schedule your appointments any time by using our mobile, online, or phone call options.

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