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Pediatric care in Cumming, Canton, Habersham & Gainesville, GA

Personalized Pediatric Care That Is Reliable And Offers You Peace Of Mind .

Windermere Medical Group provides comprehensive care and professionals for adolescents, children, infants. We ensure compassionate care for even the most minor bruises and scrapes to complex problems.

The patient care team is dedicated to providing efficient and high-quality health care to the children while maintaining strong communication with the family to meet your needs and requirements.

Pediatric Care Services

Our pediatric team is equipped with updated treatment plans and technologies to provide optimal care to your child. Our staff is trained to ensure utmost care for the psychological and emotional needs of all children.

The physicians work with the parents to identify the main problem, conduct the right screenings and form an appropriate treatment plan. We offer:

Excellent Inpatient and Outpatient Care For Children

Whether your child is in for a minor health issue or needs to be hospitalized, we offer round-the-clock care by certified and licensed providers. Your child is continuously monitored, and the physicians ensure they get the best possible care.

Guidance And Assistance

Our experts help families and children cope with the challenges and concerns that come with hospitalization. We work with the parents to ensure the children get the optimal care.

Child-Friendly Urgent And Emergency Care

The physicians and staff are well-equipped and knowledgeable to provide immediate care whenever needed. The specialists are available at our child-friendly facilities at all times.

Our Specialists Provide Unparalleled Dedication And Care Services To You And Your Child.

What To Expect

Windermere Medical Group delivers the best care for children at the right time and within the right setting. We ensure:

Collaborative Team Approach

Our specialists work as a team with the parents to find the best health care solutions that are customized to meet the needs of their children. We understand the input of parents is significant to achieve positive outcomes.

Licensed And Experienced Providers

Experience is crucial when it comes to caring for the health of children. Windermere Medical Group has leading licensed providers with extensive experience delivering the right care to all children.

We provide the best care in general health, including vaccinations, immunizations, growth spurts, fever, cough, and more. Our team is also experts in providing preventative care to keep your children healthy and strong.

Our team also guides parents and helps them understand the many options and choices you have to make for your children’s health. They would refer you to the right specialists if needed and provide valuable resources.

Updated Modern Technology

Our physicians are dedicated to self-development and stay updated with the latest technology to enhance pediatric care.

Windermere Medical Group Offers Personalized, Diverse Pediatric Care Ensuring Your Little One Leads A Healthy Life.

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