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COVID-19 Testing in Cumming, Canton, Habersham & Gainesville, GA

In today's unprecedented times when COVID-19 has put everyone at serious health risk, it is crucial to get yourself tested if you experience symptoms or have contact with someone with the virus.

Early diagnosis can help you seek the care you need to cope with it and isolate to protect your family and loved ones from getting infected.

Act responsibly. Benefit from our COVID-19 Testing and Evaluation services.

We have four convenient locations serving Cumming, Canton, Habersham, and Gainesville, GA!

Onsite Evaluation and Testing For COVID-19

At Windermere Medical Group, we deeply care for the community we serve. Hence, we are working relentlessly to provide the locals with the best services to stop the spread of COVID-outbreak. From following CDC recommended protocols to provide quality evaluation and testing for COVID-19 with convenience, we are here to serve you with care, compassion, and responsibility.

If you suspect or experience COVID-19 symptoms like fever, shortness of breath, dry cough, nasal congestion, or tiredness, don't hesitate to get yourself tested. Testing and the right treatment can help save lives.

At Windermere Medical Group, we offer convenient COVID-19 screening evaluations and testing options. This includes COVID-19 nasal swab (SARS COV2 RtPCR / PCR and Antigen Rapid Test ) and COVID-19 Antibody tests at all our locations during regular office hours. 

We have four convenient locations serving Cumming, Canton, Habersham, and Gainesville, GA!

Our testing services include a tele-visit medical evaluation too. This is performed by our experienced and responsible staff and providers. We strive to identify individuals if they are infected or have suffered from the virus unknowingly. Asymptomatic people don't experience symptoms, so they may be infected but may never know that they had the virus unless tested. With us, you can schedule for testing. No referrals are required.

Contact us or visit one of our locations below:

Which COVID-19 Test Is Right For You?

The COVID-19 swab test is right for people who experienced active symptoms. This test is carried out via a nasopharyngeal swab. We will advise you of the exact time for testing during the tele-visit.

This is a molecular test. It detects the virus's genetic material using a lab technique known as the reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. In this test, we will insert a long nasal swab to collect a fluid sample from the back of the nose. In some situations, our medical professional may insert a long swab into the back of the throat or ask you to spit in the tube to provide a saliva sample The RT-PCR tests are high in accuracy if performed correctly. And that's what you can count on us for.

An antigen test for COVID-19 is conducted to detect certain proteins in the virus. We use a long nasal swab to conduct the test to get the fluid.

Sometimes antigen tests can provide results in minutes, but they may be sent to a lab for proper analysis in other cases.

Also referred to as serology testing, it is carried on patients who have fully recovered from COVID-19 or are asymptomatic. It is performed by drawing blood., and used to detect past infections.

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